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A Legacy Of Upholding Equal Justice Under Law

“Equal justice under law” is etched boldly on the façade of the United States Supreme Court. But in practice, too often the system favors big employers and insurance companies who can throw money at their legal problems and try to intimidate, flood the process, and bully you out of your rights. In my nearly two decades as a lawyer, and especially in my six-year journey through Washington, D.C., I saw firsthand how money can too often skew the legal process and favor the powerful.

I founded this firm to fight back against this type of legal bullying. The law is not a commodity, it is a set of rights that belong to every person equally. You need an experienced attorney who understands how to level the playing field and make sure your voice is not drowned out.

I am attorney Holt Lackey, and I can bring you that experience. I have been around Texas law my entire life—my father and uncles are attorneys and my grandfather notably represented President Lyndon B. Johnson at the time he was signing the same landmark civil rights litigation that I enforce in my practice today.

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