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Safeguarding Your Workplace Agreements: Employment Contracts In Austin

Often an employer will try to get you to sign an employment contract upon starting a new position, or to get you to sign a severance agreement upon departure. These contracts can have a number of terms that could affect your career for years (such as non-compete agreements), subject you to liability, or cause you to waive your rights under the law. Because you have a complex set of rights, and because any contract your employer wants you to sign was almost certainly drafted by their lawyers, you should have a lawyer review and negotiate any contract with your employer before signing it. I have assisted numerous employees, from minimum wage workers to the CEO level, to analyze and negotiate the best and fair deal on their employment or severance contracts.

As the founder of Holt Major Lackey, PLLC, my mission is to empower individuals by providing comprehensive guidance on employment contracts and securing equitable severance terms.

Decoding Employment Contracts

Employment contracts serve as the blueprint of the employer-employee relationship. These legally binding documents delineate job responsibilities, compensation structures, benefits and terms of termination. Understanding and negotiating these terms is vital in safeguarding your rights throughout your employment.

Experienced Guidance In Severance Agreements

When employment ends, severance agreements come into play. These agreements detail the terms of separation, encompassing financial compensation, continuation of benefits, confidentiality clauses and post-employment obligations. Navigating these agreements requires scrutiny to secure favorable terms during a transitional phase.

Advocating For Fairness And Clarity

As the employment lawyer at Holt Major Lackey, PLLC, I take pride in my meticulous approach to employment contracts and severance agreements. I champion your interests by meticulously reviewing, negotiating and drafting these agreements to ensure they align with your professional objectives and protect your rights in the workplace.

Your Rights, My Priority

Understanding the language and implications of these agreements is paramount. Whether it’s reviewing your employment contract or negotiating a fair severance agreement, seeking legal counsel is crucial to protect your interests and rights. I can guide you through your employment challenges whether you are facing an unfair contract or discrimination in the workplace.

Empower Your Workplace Agreements

Contact me to schedule a consultation by calling 512-982-1006 or completing my online contact form. Let’s collaborate to secure your workplace agreements and safeguard your professional future.