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Protecting Your Earnings: Pursuing Unpaid Wages In Austin

Under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, all employees are entitled to minimum wage, and most employees are entitled to overtime pay for all hours worked above 40 hours in a week. Many employers try to game the system and underpay their workers by not paying for all of the time at work (for example not paying for time to put on and take off equipment or do administrative tasks) or by deducting a full hour for lunch even while making employees work through all or part of that break. If your employer is not paying you your full wages or the overtime to which you are entitled, please give me a call to discuss how to hold them to account.

I am the founder of Holt Major Lackey, PLLC, and I understand the challenges individuals face when employers fail to compensate them fairly. My commitment stems from a desire to ensure every worker receives their entitled wages promptly.

Common Sources Of Unpaid Wages

Unpaid wages can take various forms, such as:

  • Unpaid overtime: Employees often work beyond standard hours without receiving proper overtime pay as mandated by law.
  • Working through breaks: Employers might require employees to work through designated breaks without compensating for the time worked.
  • Misclassification as exempt: Misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime pay when they should legally be considered nonexempt.
  • Improper deductions: Deductions from wages that do not align with legal regulations can result in underpayment.

These and other employment challenges can mean your hard work goes unrewarded making the workplace stressful and uncomfortable.

Pursuing Justice For Your Earnings

At Holt Major Lackey, PLLC, I advocate for your rights to unpaid wages. My meticulous approach involves reviewing employment contracts, scrutinizing work records and navigating legal avenues to recover what you’re owed.

Types Of Unpaid Wages

  • Breach of Contract/Failure to Pay Commissions: If you have an employment contract or work on a commission sales plan, the law holds your employer to the terms of that agreement, even if they try to renegotiate or underpay you. Perhaps your contract calls for a severance payment if you are terminated without cause, so your employer falsely claims there was cause to fire you. Or perhaps you are entitled to commissions for sales that were already closed and to which you were entitled under the terms of your commission plan, but your employer tries to terminate you without paying them. Whatever your employer might try to do to get out of their contractual commitments to pay you, I have the experience and legal knowledge to hold them to their bargain and get you the pay that you deserve.
  • Unpaid commissions and bonuses: Ensuring proper compensation for earned commissions and bonuses that remain unpaid.
  • Unpaid severance pay: Advocating for individuals entitled to severance pay as per their employment agreements.

When you are not paid for the work you do, it can make it challenging to provide for yourself and your family. I am here to fight for you.

Your Earnings Matter

If you’ve encountered unpaid wages or compensation discrepancies, seeking legal counsel is essential. Contact me for a consultation by calling 512-982-1006 or completing my online contact form.