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How To Find My Law Office In Austin

Holt Major Lackey, PLLC is located in Austin’s Highland neighborhood in the Executive Office Terrace at:

111 West Anderson Lane
Suite D-211
Austin, TX 78752

The building is adjacent to the Red Lobster restaurant on W Anderson Ln just northwest of Northcrest Blvd, easily accessible from U.S. 183.

From this law office, I serve people throughout the Greater Austin area and beyond, handling all employment law matters and personal injury claims, as well as a variety of other legal matters.

Please call 512-982-1006 prior to visiting my law office. I also offer meetings via phone and videoconference. When appropriate, I can meet with injured parties in the hospital or their home. Free parking is available if a visit to my office is required.

Amplifying Your Voice Starts With A Conversation

At the outset of any case, I take the time to have a conversation so I can learn about who I am representing and they can learn about me.

Whether you come to me because you were hurt in a car accident or have any other type of personal injury claim, or you were discriminated against at work or are dealing with some other employment law matter, I will discover your story so I can tell it myself, amplify it and pursue a positive outcome for you.

For our first meeting, I will let you know if you need to bring anything. Early on, it is a good idea to retain anything that might be evidence in your case. That could be correspondence with your employer or coworkers in an employment law case or medical documentation in a personal injury case. Strong cases are built on evidence, so I encourage you to preserve it.

I’ll also open the floor to you so you can ask me questions. Being put in a position where you need a lawyer can be nerve-racking. Having information about me, my process, the law and the potential outcomes can help alleviate some of the stress, so I welcome your questions.

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